Tuesday 09/06/11

It's the last day of the mobility adventure! Some questions to ask yourself (Post to comments! And be honest!):

  1. Did I consistently mob each day?
  2. What kind of improvements can I see in my range of motion? (or perhaps in my set-up, e.g. set-up for the deadlift)
  3. If I had pain/discomfort before when performing certain movements, how has that improved?
Hopefully, you had a pretty positive response to each of those questions.  Now, if you answer to #1 was "no," then your responses to #2 and #3 might not be as good as they could have been, but never fear . . . you can still mobilize even though the 30 day challenge is over!  Make this a priority for you - make it your "off-day" activity, do it before TSC, whatever, just try to get it done - it WILL pay dividends in your performance and your general quality of movement (and therefore quality of life!).  Just pay a visit to MobilityWOD and keep at it.  Here it is . . . the last one!

Mobility Adventure - Day 30


Peter said...

Fitting end, ten minutes in squat. Can't avoid the pain cave on this one. I had to break it up this time.
1) No sir, but I do hope to keep up the Mwod
2)Whether it be Mwod or TSC I have noticed on Cleans I can get lower and get power from my heals.
3)Can't say I had a specific pain/discomfort. I'd say my biggest concern is my knees.

Phil said...

No worries about breaking it up - keep at it and you'll be doing that less and less. That's awesome to hear about the cleans!

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