What is Testify Strength & Conditioning?

Strong is healthy. Strong is performance. Strong means taking your chosen sport to the next level. Strong means the ability to pick up your grandkids as well as the ability to carry your groceries. Strong is protection against injury. Strong means independence and freedom.

Testify Strength & Conditioning is home to Nebraska's only Starting Strength Coach - Phil Meggers. If you want quality coaching, teaching, and training, then Testify is the place for you. We offer private, semi-private, and group training as well as online coaching/programming using the Starting Strength methodology, and we are helping people change their lives - from children and teenagers to people in their seventies!

Anyone can make you sweaty. We can help you change your life. Get strong.

Would you like to get strong? Contact Phil via email at coach@testifysc.com or via phone at 531-333-2TSC (531-333-2872).

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