Saturday 03/24/12 - NO CLASS

No class today.  Do a workout on your own or join Peter, Andy, and Lori G.!


Lori G. said...

I am finally up and going. I am planning on being Keiwit Middle School track at 11:00 to run the crazy 800m/400m backwards x 2.

See you there.

My cell is 402-981-0567


Lori G. said...

Anyone going?

Lori G. said...

Tracy, Joanne and I went to Keiwit and ran the crazy workout. 10 min on, 10 min off, 10 mn on.

I have a video...can't figure out how to post it yet.

Lori G. said...

try this link to watch our video blog!!!!!

Kiley said...

Lori, it says that video is private, is there a password or something?

Lori G. said...

O.K.......I changed the video to unlisted, so you can view it with the link listed above!

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