Saturday 09/06/14

You can couch stretch just about anywhere.

Announcement: Due to scheduling difficulties (including two of our coaches being in Kansas City for a weightlifting meet!), next Saturday's (09/13/14) class will start one hour earlier than usual. This means that class will be at 7:00 a.m. instead of the usual 8:00 a.m. (it is uncertain at this time whether or not BBG will take place on Saturday - please keep checking the blog to stay up to date on developments). Who's going to show up early and train hard?! Bring it!

BBG (off)
6 cycles of:
1. Handstand/handstand walk
2. Kipping pull-up/CTB pull-up/bar muscle-up

Spend approximately 1:30 min working on each skill (so each cycle is approximately 3:00 plus transition time). If possible, give yourself a goal for each cycle, e.g. 5 ft of handstand walking and 3 CTB pull-ups or perhaps 20 seconds accumulated in a handstand and 5 attempts at a kipping pull-up.

Push Jerk

For time:
10! KB Swings, 2 pood/1.5 pood
100m sprint

Do 10 swings, sprint 100m, do 9 swings, sprint 100m, do 8 swings, etc. The 100m sprint will be done as a 50m down-back (i.e., one down-back is 100m).

Finale: Low flamingo or hamstring bar mash for 3:00/leg.

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AndyB said...

Push Jerk

For time:
10! KB Swings, *2 pood*/1.5 pood
100m sprint

Brendan topped out at 85#. Finished metcon at 7:34 w/ a 25# db ... time for the 1 pood(32#)

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