Wednesday 11/26/14

If any of you have pictures from the meet this past Saturday and would be willing to share them, please send them to Thanks!

Reminder: There is no class on Thursday, 11/27/14 since that is Thanksgiving Day - enjoy the time off, and may God bless your Thanksgiving!

We still have our usual BBG class tonight though, so come on out!

Two daughters and their father at the Omaha Powerlifting Championship 
Meet this past Saturday - so cool.  (clockwise from top left: Maddie, Abby, 
and Mike) Come to think of it, we're only missing one family member . . .

Barbell Group

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Mike S said...

I have an immense amount of gratitude for all of the patience and support shown by ALL the coaches that helped me return from injury to be able to compete in the 2014 Omaha Open Powerlifting meet. The bonus is that I was able to set PRs for every lift at the meet.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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