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"You Must Understand the Gravity of Your Situation (and the Physics Too)"
by Steve Hill and Mark Rippetoe
What is good technique, and why is it so important that the bar remain over the mid-foot?  Check this article out (and others!) over at Starting Strength (you can also click the title above).

BBG (off)
A) Power Snatch + Snatch (1 + 1)
1st: Work to a max for the complex (10 min)
2nd: 90% x (1 + 1) x 2 (5 min)

B) L-sit
5 x 30 sec

Power Snatch

10 min AMReAP of:
10 1-arm DB Hang Power Snatches, 50#/30# (5R, 5L)
10 1-arm DB Hang Power Clean and Jerks, 50#/30# (5R, 5L)
10 Push-ups
10 Jumping Squats

The snatches are split evenly between right-hand and left-hand, but they can be completed in any manner desired (e.g., 5R-5L, R-L-R-L-…, etc.).  This is likewise true for the clean and jerks.

Complete 20 or 40 TTB in as few sets as possible (no more than 5 sets). Between sets, practice static handstands (i.e., no handstand walking).

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