Saturday 06/12/10

Please check out the last post on the site if you  haven't seen it yet!  We are considering purchasing some tech shirts, but are curious if there is interest.  Details in the most recent post!  Thanks!


5 rounds for time of:
3 Deadllifts at 70% 1RM
200m run
15 Burpees

Is corn oil dissolving your bones?  Some interesting things to consider...

Kevin working on the Jerk - We will miss you, Kevin!  
Come back and visit us when you are in Omaha again!


AndyB said...

5 rounds for time of:
3 Deadllifts at 70% 1RM *245#*
200m run
15 Burpees

Lori G. said...

5 rounds for time
3 deadlifts (130x.7=91) 93#
200m run
15 burpees

How come no one told me my shorts were on inside-out!!!

Phil W said...

5 rounds for time of: 10:48
3 Deadllifts at 70% 1R
280x.7=196, used 205
200m run
15 Burpees

Great combination of Olympic lift, running and body weight movement.

Lori, I would have told you but did notice...I will check you every time now!

Been thinking of TJ's post...for me, life is about balance. Balance in all aspects of life, in this priority...
1. God
2. Family
3. Work
4. Play

At 48 years old, I know I have physical limitations and must be careful with certain movements and weight. I was CrossFitting 4-5 times a week and was overtraining. I am now certain that 2-3 times a week is my magic number. I feel much better after a few weeks off and coming back into it only 2x a week now, mixed with long bike rides.
I have always, and will continue to, enjoyed eating whatever I want, including cereals, grains, pasta, ice cream, pizza, beer, etc. These must be balanced with eating Paleo, and in proper portions.
The beautiful aspect of CrossFit is the balance. I love listening to close friends describe their workout of 2 hours...1 hour working just arms/shoulders, or just legs, or just back...followed by an hour of cardio. I then show the our WOD and they gasp in unbelief and say they could never do them.
My main point, again, is balance in everything we do...God has granted us a great life in this world and we should enjoy it, while helping others enjoy it, and planning for our next life.
I was not planning on posting this, but am still pumped from the WOD! I appreciate everyone of you crazy CrossFitters!

JT said...

Deadlift weight was 250
WOD Time 17:03

Deadlift weight was 95
WOD Time 12:03

Becky speaking:
Lori, I did not notice your shorts either! If I did..I would've thought you meant to do that (crazy I know but ppl do no worries)


Phil said...

Awesome work today everyone - it's always sweet watching you all attack a WOD like that!

Hanah said...

5 rounds for time:
3 deadlifts of 105#
200m run
15 burpees

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