Thursday 07/21/11

ANNOUNCEMENT:  We will be having a 45 minute mini-seminar this Saturday.  The topic will be mobility (stretching and the like) and how it can help you enjoy life more!  The seminar will be immediately following TSC, so it will start around 8:00 and end at 8:45 or earlier.  Come if you can, and feel free to bring a friend!


10 min EMOM of the "DB Bear Complex":
5 DB Deadlifts
5 DB Hang Power Cleans
5 DB Thrusters

The 2 DBs are a total of 45% BW (bodyweight), i.e., each DB is 22.5% BW. Coach Mike "Rut" Rutherford down at CrossFit KC is responsible for the DB Bear Complex - he writes about it in CrossFit Journal #58.

Take 10 minutes to complete one of the following: 200 DU's, 50 DU's, 25 DU's, 100 singles

Becca and Tracy in Fight Gone Bad


Peter said...

Hope you guys enjoyed this awesome looking work out. I hope to rejoin TSC Monday. I'll be in Charlotte this weekend brooming it up. I tried to keep active by doing classes over lunch, including my first ever kick boxing. I had no idea it was so much fun :)

Lori G. said...

OHS 5-5-5-3-3-3

(up to this point, my pr was 45.5...good night for upper body strength!)

10 min emom

5 db deadlifts
5 db hang power cleans
5 db thrusters


finished 3 rounds with the emom, then just kept going...finished 7 rounds but it took me til 10:40.

I'm glad I went heavy (for me!) I'm usually sad when I think I could have done more but chickened out!

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