Monday 08/08/11 - Mobility Adventure!

Read the entire post to get in on the mobility adventure!

Clean and Jerk

7 rounds AMREAP of burpees

Each round consists of 30 seconds of work followed by 1 minute of rest.

Compare to 07/05/10.

Finale:  Accumulate 1 minute in an L-sit or tuck sit.

Mobility Adventure!
My shoulders are generally pretty tight, and I've never really attacked that issue like I should.  This results in a host of problems - occasional pain with kipping pull-ups, overextension while pressing or jerking (i.e., my lower back is arched severely and it looks like I'm trying to show off my bum, elbow pain during or after squatting, etc.)  As a result, I've promised myself that I will mobilize my shoulders for 10 minutes a day for 30 days.  I will also be doing other stretching/mobilizing during this time, but I will at least work on my shoulders for 10 minutes a day.

So . . . who will join me?  Here's the deal - mobilize 10 minutes a day for 30 days.  I will be posting a link to a video from K-Star's Mobility WOD each day for 30 days - we'll be starting from the beginning of his project and going from there.  Maybe you can hit that squat goal you want.  Maybe you can wake up in the morning without low back pain.  Maybe you can walk/run without knee pain.  Watch the video, get your "mob" on, and feel better, perform at a higher level, look cooler, and be a sweeter athlete.  I want you to take my hand and come with me on this adventure (watch the video).  Who's in?

Mobility Adventure - Day 1 (click me!)

You'll need to click the link each day - I could just embed the video, but then you'd miss out on K-Star's typed comments - some of which are informative and some of which are funny. It only takes 1 second to click the link.

Some days are a little under 10 minutes, and some days are a little over 10 minutes, so it balances out in the end. If you do what K-Star prescribes, you're good to go. You can do your mobility work anywhere and at anytime - before class, after class, at home while watching TV (a really good use of that time, and a good way to distract yourself!), etc. Any mobs in the finale at class can count toward your 10 minutes/day.


Peter said...

I'm on board with the Mobility Adventure!!!!

I might be brooming it up, but I'd love to make the clean and jerk.

Phil, have you ever seen broomball?
Here is a clip, takes a few to load up. It's made by an Ausie, broomball down under!

Lori Newburn said...

Clean and Jerk
43 * 2
48 * 2
53 * 2
63 * 2
73 * 2

7 rounds AMREAP of burpees

Each round consists of 30 seconds of work followed by 1 minute of rest.

8+7+7+7+7+7+7 = 50

Peter said...

Clean and Jerk

Burpees AMREAP

Got in my minute of skill work

Got in 10 minutes straight of squat. I found my inner totem and we walked hand in hand to the pain cave.

AndyB said...

95-115-135-155-185 pr

80 bpees

Mobility complete

Phil said...

Way to go on the mobility - keep it up!

Lori G. said...

clean and jerk 2-2-2-2-2
33 warm up
43-2, 48-2, 53-2, 58-2, 63-2

AMREP 7 rounds burpees
(30 seconds of burpees followed by 1minute of rest for each round)
all 7 rounds: 8 burpees

Lori G. said...

Hey, Phil and Kiley....I am doing this run!

It would be fun to do this instead of a Saturday morning workout!

Proceeds benefit Abide Ministries....Rowdy and Lori's daughter, Leslie and almost daughter Casey are running, too.

Phil said...

Ah heck - we could even do both!

Kiley said...

Lori - Sounds like WAY fun, but I have a tournament the next morning and that probably wouldn't help me be the best coach I could be...=) But have fun!

Tracy said...

Clean & Jerk
7-6-7-5-6-8-6. 45

Rowdy said...

Clean and Jerk
45 * 2
65 * 2
85 * 2
105 * 2
135 * 2

7 rounds AMREAP of burpees

Each round consists of 30 seconds of work followed by 1 minute of rest.

11+11+10+10+9+7+7 = 65

Rowdy said...
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