Wednesday 08/10/11

Mobility Adventure - Day 3


Peter said...

This looks like cake on video.... I couldn't do it. Ended up more like holding a regular calf stretch.

Phil, could talk about how long to hold a stretch. In the past it seems folks were like 60 seconds tops. Here we are doing everything for 2-4 minutes. I am asking this beyond this adventure. When we are outside TSC or just when we show up early nobody hold each and every stretch for 2 minutes. I'm guessing you'll say something like there is a deep stretch vs. warm up stretch???

Phil said...

Yes, we can certainly talk about this at class, but the general idea is that if you want to really make some flexibility/mobility gains, you need to spend some significant time hanging out at your end range of motion (i.e., in the range where you actually feel the stretch). K-Star has mentioned that research indicates that 2 min is pretty much the minimum time to make a difference - I'm more than willing to trust his judgement/research/experience on this one (he's a PT in addition to a coach, btw).

I haven't witnessed a whole lot of pre-class stretching/rolling/etc. (although I HAVE seen some), but it's a great idea for pretty much everyone, and generally, if you're going to do a stretch, try to go for at least 2 minutes and start working in some type of stretch/contract while you're doing that (I can't remember if K-Star has explained that yet, but if he hasn't, he will soon, and we can discuss that in class as well).

Peter said...

2 minutes to make a difference, CHECK.

Yes, not much stretching going on at TSC outside of this new adventure.


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