Thursday 03/29/12

Overhead Squat
2 x 5, 1 x 5+

1 DB Clean and Jerk
Bear Crawl
2 DB Clean and Jerks
Bear Crawl
3 DB Clean and Jerks
Bear Crawl
10 DB Clean and Jerks
Bear Crawl

The prescribed load for the DB clean and jerks is 65#/45# (per DB).  The cleans may be power or squat (but not hang), and the jerks may be push or split (push press is also acceptable).  The bear crawl is a down-back using half of the basketball court.  Start from the end line of the basketball court, bear crawl to half-court, and then bear crawl back to the end line.

Compare to 08/29/11.

Finale:  10 minutes of mobbing.  You choose the methods, but spend at least 2 minutes per choice.

Lori G. - making the rope fly.


Peter said...

Hey All, I am just mad brooming it up at the moment. No time for TSC. Broomball 3 times this week including Nationals in Minnesota. TSC work outs look fun :)

JT and Becca Zahradnik said...

JT OHS 135x7

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