Saturday 10/20/12

1 x 5+

For time:
50 Pull-ups
50 Push-ups
50 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Finale: Mob your shoulders for 2 min each.

Tracy - set for another push-up


Mrs. G. said...

dead lift 1x5+
warm 115x5, 125x3,
work 135x6

half Angie
50 pullups red and purple bands
50 pushups on a 30 " box
50 situps
50 squats

Mrs. G. said...

We shopped for meat and veggies yesterday (Saturday). We went to Tomato Tomato and found a bunch of grass and thistle fed beef and bison and chicken...and lamb. Kinda pricey so we only bought a little.

Started today with a juiced breakfast. Juice had celery, carrots, apples, blue berries and strawberries.

Lunch was pork chops, green beans, and salad with olive oil for dressing. Made a big pitcher of iced tea for the afternoon.

I ate horribly yesterday and by 7 pm I was in a ton of pain! I am looking forward to having a quiet stomach for a while!

Blessings to all as we set out on our 30 day adventure!

Kiley said...

Way to go, Gedwillo Fam! Keep us posted on any yummy foods or recipes you find, please.

I made pork chops (1/2 I grilled, 1/2 I breaded with almond flour then fried in olive oil), cut up strawberries, and got some salad ready to go yesterday. I need to get some hard boiled eggs at the ready since right now I'm eating almonds for breakfast. :)

Tracy said...

All I know is that I am really missing my 3:00 oreos right now!! This apple is not cutting it.

Kiley said...

Haha Tracy, I hear ya! I need to get another source of protein ready because I'm already tired of pork chops and it's only day one! :)

I think this site will be really helpful for us all!

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