Saturday 03/09/13

Back Squat
2 x 5, 1 x 5

3 rounds AMReAP:
1 min strict pull-ups (count sets of 5 consecutive reps)
1 min KB swings, 2 pood/1.5 pood
1 min jumping (alternating) lunges

This workout is ideally done with a partner (but a partner is not necessary).  Rest 1 minute between each minute of work.  With a partner, it would look like this: Jack does a minute of pull-ups, Jill does a minute of pull-ups, Jack does KB swings, Jill does KB swings, Jack does jumping lunges, and then Jill does jumping lunges.  They then repeat this twice more for a total of 3 rounds.  You should have 3 separate scores:  total sets of 5 consecutive pull-ups, total number of KB swings, and the total number of jumping lunges.

Finale:  10 pistols (5 per leg)

Joe and the back squat

1 comment:

AndyB said...

245 x 13

pu = 20, 15, 10
kb = 2 pood, 20+ each round
lunges = 30+ each round

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