Wednesday 12/18/13

Barbell Group

Remember, we'll have a very fun workout OFF SITE this Saturday morning, followed by breakfast at Hy-Vee. Invite your friends and family to the workout and/or the food afterward!

Andy deadlifting during the "12 Days 
Christmas" workout.


Rowdy said...

So I have two questions regarding this "fun workout OFF-SITE" workout....

Who is moving and are steps involved?

Ohh, third question, Will I need to bring my Pickup Truck to this fun OFF-SITE workout? goggles, dustmask, broom?

Kiley said...

Hahahaha! Rowdy this is so funny! :) I PROMISE it's just a workout!

Rowdy said...

I will miss tonight and Thursday workouts because I have rehearsals for Christmas Eve/Day services.

Have fun everybody...

I will try to be there for the fun offsite workout.

Diana said...

Back squat: 150x5x3

Press: 68x5x3

Power Clean: 88x3x5

Mrs. G. said...

BBG week 6 B

back squat 3x5
warm 83
work 118

warrm 33
work 65.5

dead lift
warm 83
work 153

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