Wednesday 02/05/14

Barbell Group

We will have class tonight!

Announcement: We will be having a NEW challenge to present to you all in class tonight! Keep Saturday after class (this week and also February 15th) open until about 10:15 so you don't miss out!

We are SO CLOSE to finishing up the 30 Day Challenge! What are your plans for after the challenge? Will you go back to your old way of eating? Sometimes? All the time? What food/food groups do you plan to add back, if any? Please post your thoughts to comments to encourage the group!

Dawn working hard


Geneva Rowe said...

DAIRY QUEEN BLIZZARD. Nomnom. But then, back to "relaxed" Whole30.

Geneva Rowe said...
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Diana said...

Glass of wine and paleo pancakes! Then going to stick with Whole30 meals. I feel too great to stop!

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