Saturday 03/08/14

This Tuesday, 03/11/14, (and on Tuesdays from here on out) we will begin having an "open gym" starting at our usual 6:45 p.m. time.  This is a great opportunity - come on in and make up Monday's workout that you missed or come in and work on some of those skills that need work - maybe double-unders, kipping pull-ups, or cleans.  Whatever the purpose, this is a great chance to get to the gym and get some solid work done in a more "free-form" manner (this is NOT an opportunity to workout four straight days from Monday - Thursday . . . nice try!).  We'll be talking more about this in class on Saturday and Monday, so come armed with questions!

Front Squat
2 x 5, 1 x 5+

3 rounds AMReAP of:
Row (calories)
Box Jumps

Spend 1 minute performing each movement. Rest 1 minute between rounds. Your score is your total number of calories and reps completed (add the calories and the reps to get a single score).

Finale: Accumulate 2:00 on your hands - L-sit, handstand, dip support, plank, etc.

 Ted gets under a clean.

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Diana said...

G and I will be there @ 7:30. So I am hearing we can now workout on one of our rest days :p.

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