Saturday 08/30/14

It's with very mixed emotions that I want to let everyone at Testify know that I've decided it's time for me to make a change in my life and hand over the reins entirely to Phil. I love all of you and have been incredibly blessed by each one of you in many different ways. You have shown me grace, been incredible learners, made me laugh EVERY class, and encouraged me by your faithful work ethic. I will miss teaching you, but I'll miss spending time with all of you the most! Thank you, thank you, thank you for embracing me as a coach and for sharing your lives with me. 

I will still be at CHS often and see all of you in passing during volleyball season, and I will be joining the group for workouts in the winter, I'm sure! :) 

I'll be teaching my last class on Saturday and would love to share a breakfast meal with anyone who would like to come (former members and family members included!) at Hy-Vee on 156th and Maple immediately after class this Saturday. Even if you can't make it to class I'd love for you all to join us for breakfast!

- Kiley

Reminder - we do not have class on Labor Day (Monday, 09/02/13).

Steve is a blur during double-under practice.

BBG (off)
Clean & Jerk
1st: Heavy double (10 min)
2nd: 85% x 2 x 2 (5 min)

Power Snatch

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters, 95#/63#

There is a 8 min cap on this workout (and depending on numbers, we may need to start it in two separate groups). We did this workout back on 06/26/14 - try to smoke your old time! As far as scaling is concerned, choose weights (or bands for pull-ups) which allow you to complete the first round unbroken - this is a sprint!

Finale: 2:00/leg in the spiderman lunge position

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AndyB said...

Power Snatch

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters, *95#*/63#
Pull-ups *came up 5 pull ups short ... 8 minute cap*

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