Thursday 12/18/14

Reminder: Saturday, we will NOT be meeting at CHS for class. We will meet (8:00 a.m.) at the park just south of Hefflinger Park. The park is between Blondo and Maple off of Papillion Parkway (about 117th). The parking lot is just south of the Wellington Park apartments. Click here for a map (you may need to zoom in or out).

After a fun group metcon we will go to the Hy-Vee on 156th and Maple for breakfast! Invite friends and family to any and all of this fun!!!

"The 12 Days of Christmas" . . . going hard at it!

BBG (off)

2 x 5, 1 x 5+

For time:
10 SDHP, 95#/63#
1 Burpee
9 SDHP, 95#/63#
2 Burpees
8 SDHP, 95#/63#
3 Burpees
1 SDHP, 95#/63#
10 Burpees

Compare to 12/23/13. (The loads are heavier this time around)

Complete 25 or 50 dips or ring dips in as few sets as possible (no more than 5 sets). Between sets, low flamingo for at least 2:00/leg.

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