Monday 2015.03.02

Alternating ipsilateral deadbugs and planks in the warm-up - good times!

BBG (off)
Power Snatch
1st: Heavy double (10 min)
2nd: 85% x 2 x 2 (5 min)


21-15-9 reps for time of:
DB Thrusters, 45#/30# (per DB)

Compare to 2014.03.03.

This has an 8 min cap, and depending on numbers, it may be done in two separate groups.  You may also use kettlebells for the thrusters if it is convenient to do so.

Strict pull-ups - 3 sets of max reps. If you can get more than 10, then add some weight. Between sets, roll on your back - accumulate 4:00 (Rumby, foam roller, PVC roller, or barbell).

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