Thursday 2015.04.02

 Tyler hits some more overhead squats during "Nancy."

BBG (off)
4 cycles of:
2. L-sit (on parallettes or the floor)
3. Strict Pull-ups (3 x N), Kipping Pull-ups (1:00 ME)

Spend approximately 1:30 min working on each skill (so each cycle is approximately 4:30 plus transition time). Set a goal for each skill in the cycle. If HSPU are not yet attainable, perform 4 negatives per cycle.

For the pull-ups, here is how it works: Perform 3 sets of strict pull-ups (i.e., no kipping) for the first 3 cycles (i.e., 1 set per cycle).   See the "Pull-up Notes" below for specific instructions.  For the 4th cycle, perform as many kipping pull-ups as possible in 1:00.  CTB pull-ups are also acceptable.  If you don't have kipping pull-ups yet, then you'll practice them during the 4th cycle.

A) Bench Press
2 x 5, 1 x 5+

B) Strict Pull-ups
3 x N

Pull-up Notes
Choose a number to do for each set, and that number stays constant from set to set (e.g., 3 x 5 or 3 x 8). Be sure it is a number that you KNOW you can do. We'll be progressing in the coming weeks, so start conservatively.  Seriously. If you miss a rep, you owe your fellow athletes 50 burpees.  Or a marathon.  Or something.  The point is - we're looking for progress over time, not instant failure.  Patience + Persistence = Strength.  Here are some guidelines for progressing (in order from band-assisted pull-ups to unassisted pull-ups to weighted pull-ups):
  1. If you're using a band, start with a band with which you can get at least 5 reps/set.
  2. If you get 10 reps/set while using a band, then you graduate to the next band (i.e., make it harder next time).  When you do this, you'll need to dial back your reps/set to a lower number, and then you start working toward 10 reps/set again over the coming weeks.
  3. To do strict pull-ups without a band, you need to be able to get at least 3 reps/set.
  4. When you get 3 x 10 strict pull-ups (without a band), you start weighting your pull-ups.

Partner WOD
3 x 2 minutes of:
10/25/50 Double-unders
20 Goblet Squats, 40#/25#
ME Burpees

In two minutes, Partner A will do 10, 25, or 50 double-unders (choose your own adventure), followed by 20 goblet squats, followed by as many burpees as possible in the remainder of the two minutes (ME = max effort). At the end of the two minutes, Partner B will do the same, i.e., double-unders followed by goblet squats followed by ME burpees. Each partner will perform 3 iterations of this (for a total workout time of 12 minutes). To be cool, post your results to the comments.

Complete 25 or 50 dips or ring dips in as few sets as possible (no more than 5 sets). Between sets, low flamingo for at least 2:00/leg.

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