Monday 2015.08.10

This past Saturday marked the very first annual Mustang Summer Classic!  It was a great day, tons of PRs were set (possibly tons of weight were lifted?), and most importantly, athletes had a blast!  Thank you so much to everyone who competed, helped in so many ways, and just came to watch and cheer.  It is all of you who made that day special, and I can't wait to have another one soon!

If any of you have any pics or videos from the Mustang Summer Classic and wouldn't mind either posting them to Instagram or emailing them to me (, that would be great - thanks!

BBG (off)
A) 3 cycles of:
1. Pistols, 3 x 5 per leg
2. GH Raises, 3 x 10
3. L-sit

Spend approximately 1:30 min working on each skill (so each cycle is approximately 4:30 plus transition time). Set a goal for each skill in the cycle if a rep scheme is not provided.

B) Standing Box Jumps (if time permits)
5-5-3-3-1-1, increasing height with each set

Back Squat
2 x 5, 1 x 5+

12 min AMReAP of:
4 KB Get-ups, 1.5 pood/1 pood
10 Box Jumps, 30"/24"

Compare to 2014.08.07.

A) Practice 5:00 practicing static handstands.

B) When taking a break between handstands, accumulate 5:00 of mobility work.

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