Monday 11/07/11

  1. Be sure to congratulate Kiley!  On Friday, she coached the Lady Mustangs volleyball team to their second district championship as well as their second trip to the state tournament (and in consecutive years, no less!)!
  2. Due to the timing and location of the state tournament as well as Kiley's coaching and Phil's teaching responsibilities (riding the bus to supervise students), we will be unable to hold our usual Thursday evening class.  We try to avoid a cancellation like this whenever possible, and in an effort to compensate for this change, we will be holding a Thursday morning class that day at 5:30 a.m.
Push Press
2 x 5, 1 x 5+

10 Down-backs

Run 1 down-back every 45 seconds. Each down-back is an all-out sprint, so the focus is on maximal acceleration, deceleration, planting the foot and reversing direction, and accelerating to top speed again.

Finale:  Accumulate 2 minutes only on your hands. This can be in a handstand (floor or parallettes), working on your L-sit or tuck sit (floor or parallettes), or on the dip bars simply supporting your bodyweight. Choose something challenging for you.



AndyB said...

Go Kiley & Lady Mustangs ... Good luck!

Push Press
2 x 5, 1 x 5+ *135 x 15* ... up next 145

10 Down-backs *ran not fyll speed ... pulled hamstring ... rice, rest / ice / compression / elevation

Rowdy said...

Push Press
2x5, 1x5+ 105x5

10 Down-n-Backs (1 every 45 sec)
(Actually it was 15 if you count the 5 warm-up Down-n-Backs)

Accumulated 2 minutes in handstand and did 1 minute on the bar thingy

Lori G. said...

push press 2x5, 1x5+
warm 5-33 5-53
work 5-63 poor form
5-58, 10-58

10 down backs
one every 45 seconds
clock counts backward
most at 34 or 33

2 min in dip support
70 sec and 50 sec

Peter said...

Push Press

Lori Newburn said...

Push Press
wu 33 * 5
wu 53 * 5
-63 * 5
-63 * 5
-63 * 11

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