Monday 05/07/12

2 x 5, 1 x 5+

7:00 AMReAP of:

This was the CrossFit Games Open 12.1, and we did this workout almost two months ago on 03/19/12. Beat your score from last time!

Finale: 20 strict pull-ups. Choose a pull-up option that requires you to break the pull-ups up into 2-4 sets (so if you think you can get all 20 in a row, don't choose that option). Options in order are ring rows, bands, regular, and weighted. Between sets, grab a lacrosse ball and get your mob on.

Lori G. during "The Seven"

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Mrs. G. said...

ohs 2x5, 1x5+
warm 33x5
work 55x1-2-f, 55x5, 55x7

10 min amrap 15 kb swings 1 pood
1 down back on the street from line at driveway at top to sidewalk at bottom.

4 rounds plus all but back of round 5

finale 20 strick pullups
green band

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