Saturday 08/25/12

Bench Press
2 x 5, 1 x 5+

"Death by Tabata"
Perform 8 rounds of the following:
20 sec max rep deadlifts, 275#/185#
10 sec off
20 sec max rep burpees
10 sec off
(Courtesy of CF Football)

Rest 3 minutes.

Run 1 lap around CHS (start out back where the curb starts and head east toward 156th St.  Turn right up the sidewalk and follow the sidewalk and new concrete driveway all the way around the property.  The run finishes where it started.  Your total score is your run time (in seconds) minus your total number of deadlifts and burpees.

Finale:   Spend 2 minutes on your hands.  Handstand, ring dip support, dip support, L-sit, tuck sit - you choose.

  Steve swinging the bell during "Helen Goes Upside Down"

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Mrs. G. said...

ohs 2x5, 1x5+
warm up 33-4, 43-5
working 48-5, 48-5, 48-4!

for time: db clean and jerk 20# each, bear crawl
1 db c&j, 1 bc
2 dbcj, 1 bc
3 dbcj, 1 bc.........
.......10 dbcj, 1 bc

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