Monday 01/21/13

Today's WOD was the first workout for the Midwestern Sectional Qualifier held February 13-14 at CrossFit TNT in St. Charles, MO.

"Air Force WOD"
For time:
20 Thrusters
20 Push Jerks
20 OHS
20 Front Squats

Loads are 95#/65#.

At the beginning of each minute (including the first minute), perform 4 burpees. The rest of the minute is used to complete as many reps as possible of each exercise. Move to the next exercise only when you've completed all 20 reps of the exercise you're currently doing. There will be a timer that goes off once a minute - if you are in the middle of a rep when it goes off, complete that rep and then start your 4 burpees.

Compare to 07/18/11.

Finale: Spend at least 6 minutes mobbing whatever you need to mob.

Fight Gone Bad crew.


Rowdy said...

"Air Force WOD" - Aim High
For Time:
20 Thrusters - 65#
20 SDHP - 65#
20 Push Jerks - 65#
20 OHS - 45#
20 Front Squats - 45#

Gobs of Burpees
Time - 13:54

AndyB said...

95# ... did not finish ... was either at OHS or starting Front squats at 20 minute mark.

Tracy said...

Air Force WOD
Approx. 74 burpees
Time 17:51

Tracy said...
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