Saturday 02/02/13

Skill Work:

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters, 95#/63#

Compare to 11/28/11.

This WOD should be done with maximum speed and efficiency while completing actual good reps. This is not a long workout, so be smart with the weight you choose. Check out these videos for some inspiration before you come to class tonight!

Exhibit A1 - Good reps. Full depth squats and "Butterfly" pull-ups
   Exhibit A2 - Very cool, old video.

Exhibit B - This athlete says it's his first attempt at this workout, so please know that. He doesn't achieve full depth on Thrusters and hands are a bit far apart. His elbows could be further forward so the bar rests on his shoulders.On Pull-ups, he's not really kipping very well, so his arms and lats are taking the full force of the movement. His rest periods are MUCH longer than will be allowed for you all. That being said, he's trying. He's learning.

I show you both of those examples so that you know where you might be starting (the beginning!) and where your goal might be (unbroken sets of 21-15-9 with no rest)! Wherever you are on the journey, do YOUR best!

Finale: Spend 6 minutes mobbing shoulders and stretching anything that needs it.

Steve spending some time 
upside down


Mrs. G. said...


thrusters 33#
pullups purple band

Tracy said...

Thrusters 33#
Pullups purple+green

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