Saturday 03/23/13



3 rounds for time of:
50m Barbell Overhead Walk, 185#/123#
25m Barbell Walking Lunges, 185#/123#
50m Bearcrawl

25m on the basketball court is one trip (the long way) plus 1 tile.  For the 50m overhead walk and the 50m bearcrawl, do a down-back with this distance.

Finale:  2 min/leg in the flamingo stretch and 2 min in the hyena stretch.

Some people are highly entertaining when scared.  Ask Kathy about this one.


Mike Sharp said...

Sorry to have missed the workout today but I had a good excuse....I was watching my daughter and her powerlifting teammate both take 1st Place!!! at State in the Class C Championships

Phil said...

Darn right! Way to go girls!

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