Monday 04/01/13

This was an April Fool's Day joke! It worked! We had EVERYONE show up and the REAL metcon was in fact "Tim." That WOD is 400m of walking lunges for time. Nice work everyone! 

Skill Work: Easy Lunges

Bench Press
2 x 5
1 x 5+

6 minute AMRAP of:
10 KB Swings, 1 pood/20#
10 Easy Lunges
10 Jumping Jacks

Finale: 10 Pistols on each leg and 10 strict Pull-ups

Ahh, more memories. Anyone know what this was after? 


Mike Sharp said...

WU - 1 x 5, 135#
Work 2x5,1x10 - 155#

440yds of "Easy Lunges"

Time - 18:37

AndyB said...


AndyB said...


Lori Newburn said...
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Lori Newburn said...

Bench Press 63 * 10

Tim: 225m at 15:00

Kiley said...

You are all awesome for sticking with it last night and playing along with our little joke! :) Thanks for making Testify such a GREAT group!

Tracy said...

Bench press 60.5# x 5

"easy lunges"
225 m at 15:00

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