Saturday 12/21/13

Fun at the Park and Breakfast! Meet at 9:00 at the park south of Hefflinger Park. Bring friends and family either to participate or watch! We'd also love to see all of you and your friends and family at breakfast immediately following the workout. We will go to the Hy-Vee on 156th and Maple for breakfast.

For the metcon we will meet at the park near Hefflinger Park (past the apartments on Papillion Parkway) at the turn in nearest the tennis courts. There is a kids' play area by the parking lot where we will meet. This is near the beginning (just south of) of the Big Papio Trail. Here's a map that shows the area pretty well. If you have questions call Kiley or Phil!

See you at 9:00!

Diana is head over heels for "The 12
Days of Christmas!"

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Tracy said...

I accidentally got two sweatshirts this morning when I was picking out my sweats. They are both smalls. I will return the extra one Monday. Thanks Phil and Kikey. That.was a fun morning workout.

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