Wednesday 12/11/13 - Barbell Group

Barbell Groupies,

Have you seen bigger or faster gains since you've been focusing more on the barbell lifts? Have you noticed any correlation to other aspects of your life/workouts/etc. at all?

Post your observations to comments please!

Brenden pushing some weight


Tracy said...

I won't be at class tonight. I donated blood this afternoon and my blood pressure has stayed too low. Sorry I can't cheer you on Lori as you squat 105+ pounds!!!

Mrs. G. said...

BBG Week 5

back squat 3x5
warm 63
work 108#

press 3x5
warm 33
work 58 3-f, 58-5, 58-3-f, 55.5-5

power clean 5x3
warm 53
work 70.5

Diana said...

Back Squat- 145x5x3
Press- 63x5x3
Power Clean- 83x3x5

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