Thursday 10/09/14

More Air Force WOD fun

Skill Work
5 rounds of:
A) 1:00 double-under or triple-under practice
B) 1:00 L-sit - spend as much of the minute as possible in an L-sit (or your best approximation of the L-sit position)

For time:
5 rounds of:
7 Front Squats, 135#/95#
7 Slapping/Clapping Push-ups
50 Double-unders

The run is out the west doors (downstairs), past the garage, down to the sidewalk on 156th St., and back to the weight room.

Compare to 10/10/13.

Spend 2:00/leg either hamstring bar mashing or thigh bar mashing. Better yet . . . do both!


Tyler Holm said...


Mike S said...

16:02 - Sweatshirt and all.

"Great Job Tyler!!!" -*

* Tyler is half my age so its appropriate that he requires half the time to complete. Although, he would do well to shave those extra 9 seconds away. :)

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