Saturday 2015.05.30

Tyler puts some hurtin' on a double-plate workset of bench.  Note that Kathy is doing a great job of spotting the movement - while being ready to provide assistance if the bar goes back downward, she doesn't touch the bar, and she stays far enough back to allow Tyler to have a line of sight directly overhead to the ceiling (which is where one fixes one's gaze when benching).

BBG (off)
A) Thruster

B1) Pistols, 3 x 5 per leg
B2) GH Raises, 3 x 15

A) Press
2 x 5, 1 x 5+

B) Front Squat
2 x 5, 1 x 5+

Option A
For time:
800m run
50 Push-ups
100 Squats
800m run

Option B
For time:
400m run
25 Push-ups
50 Squats
400m run

12:00 cap

Bar mash your hamstrings for 2:00/leg and stretch your calves for 2:00/leg.

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Phil said...

Nice job on the conditioning everyone - awesome effort!

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