Saturday 2015.12.19

Announcement: We will be doing "The 12 Days of Christmas" on Monday, 12/21/15, so come on out and join us for a very festive workout! As this workout uses quite a bit of space (and equipment), it will be the only event taking place in the weight room that day (i.e., no lifting or Barbell Group), so please plan accordingly as you map out your training for the coming days.

BBG (off)
Clean & Jerk
15 min to work to a heavy single


2 rounds AMReAP of:
1:00 Double-unders
1:00 Rest
1:00 Push Press, 75#/53#
1:00 Rest
1:00 Med Ball Wall Throw Sit-ups, 20#/14#
1:00 Rest
1:00 Wall Ball Shots, 20#/14#
1:00 Rest

This workout will be done with a partner. Partner A will start with 1:00 of double-unders, then Partner B will do 1:00 of double-unders, then Partner A will do 1:00 of push press, then Partner B will do 1:00 of push press, etc. For the med ball sit-ups, set up a blue mat so that the edge nearest the wall is 4 feet away from the wall (i.e., even with the squat uprights) and hook your heels around the edge of the mat.

Compare to 2015.06.13.

50 TTB AFSAP. Between sets, roll out your back using a foam roller or a barbell. Accumulate 2-4 minutes of mobility work.

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