Thursday 2015.12.17

Announcement:  We will be doing "The 12 Days of Christmas" on Monday, 12/21/15, so come on out and join us for a very festive workout!  As this workout uses quite a bit of space (and equipment), it will be the only event taking place in the weight room that day (i.e., no lifting or Barbell Group), so please plan accordingly as you map out your training for the coming days.

BBG (off)
A) Power Jerk

B) Strict Pull-ups
3 x N

A) Press
2 x 5, 1 x 5+

B) Strict Pull-ups
3 x N

3 round for time of:
10 Burpees
20 Goblet Squats, 45#/30#
30 Double-unders

Compare to 2014.12.01.

Spend 5-10 minutes practicing either kipping pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, or ring muscle-ups. While resting, bar mash your hamstrings (i.e., thigh bar mash).

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