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A Stronger Finish
In this article, famous lifter, coach, and author Bill Starr describes how to finish snatches and cleans with more explosiveness. Click the title above for the article or visit Starting Strength ( for a host of other great training articles.

BBG (off)
A) Power Snatch + Snatch (2 + 1)
1st: Work to a max for the complex (10 min)
2nd: 90% x (2 + 1) x 2 (5 min)

B) L-sit
5 x 30 sec

Power Snatch

10 minute AMReAP of:
KB Get-ups, 1.5 pood/1 pood (24 kg/16 kg)

If you use a dumbbell, the prescribed weights are 55#/35#.

Compare to 2015.01.10 or 2015.01.29.

2:00/shoulder overhead banded distraction in external rotation

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