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"Rip and Chase demonstrate the correction for improper back angle in The Squat" (from Starting Strength).

BBG (off)
Snatch Pull + Power Snatch: 2(1 + 1)
1st: Work to a max for the complex (10 min)
2nd: 90% x 2(1 + 1) x 2 (5 min)

Click here for a video of the snatch pull as well as a detailed explanation.

"2(1 + 1)" means 1 snatch pull and 1 power snatch followed immediately by another snatch pull and another power snatch, i.e., 2 repetitions of "1 snatch pull + 1 power snatch."


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Push-ups (Assisted, regular, clapping, or slapping)
200m run

This goes as follows: 21 push-ups, 200m, 18 push-ups, 200m, 15 push-ups, etc. Choose one type of push-up and stick with it throughout the workout. In order from easiest to hardest, they are assisted, regular, clapping, and slapping.

Compare to 2015.04.04.

Complete 20 or 40 TTB in as few sets as possible (no more than 5 sets). Between sets, practice static handstands (i.e., no handstand walking).

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