Tuesday 06/18/13

Announcement:  Starting this week, Thursday evening classes will move to 6:45 p.m.  This means that all weekday classes now start at 6:45 p.m.

Endurance Class
Reminder:  Endurance classes meet at the Buffett Middle School track unless otherwise noted.

Option A:
400m run
Rest approximately 4:00
5 x 100m run, starting on the 2:00.
Rest approximately 4:00
400m run

Option B:
800m run
Rest approximately 4:00
5 x 100m run, starting on the 2:00
Rest approximately 4:00
800m run

Some points of clarity:
  1. Choose the option that you prefer - both are great workouts.
  2. All of these distances are to be sprinted, and should be very difficult.
  3. The rest times are approximate so that we can start as a group each time.
  4. Come ready to work hard and get faster!
Compare to 06/26/12.

Spend 5 minutes stretching your calves and hamstrings.

Diana and Christine take to the air!


Tracy said...

I know I told you I would be at class tonight but I am still at work. So don't wait for me.

Rowdy said...

Endurance Option B
800m run (3:05)
Rest approx 4:00
5x100m run, starting on the 2:00 (:19,:18,:18,:18,:19)
Rest approx 4:00
800m run (3:57)

Mike S said...

Option A

400M - 1:18
100M - :17
100M - :17
100M - :18
100M - :31 (fail)
100M - :18
400M - 2:07 (spent....)

Kudos to the Option B runners!

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