Wednesday 01/15/14

Barbell Group

How's your lifting going? Are you making 
big gains since you've started focusing on


AndyB said...

For me, making big gains gradually ... reaching some pr's which has been cool. Digging the program.

Rowdy said...

Don't think I am able to Back Squat quite as much as the guy in the picture yet but now that I have my new lifting shoes I should be there in a couple of days... :p)

Mrs. G. said...

BBG week A

Back Squat
warm 83
work 133

warm 33
work 60.5-fail then, 55.5-4-f, 5, 4-f

Power Clean
warm 53
work 83

Stupid press...

Rowdy said...

BBG Wednesday (Plan B)

Box Squat (3x5) 150#

Bench Press (3x5) 137.5#

Deadlift (1x5) 195#

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